Mark Higgins

Hi everyone! Who is that guy with the camera? I’m a husband and dad to five kids ranging in age from 21 to10. We’re a loud crazy family, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have kids spread all the world from Columbia to New Orleans and our family is on one crazy fun adventure.

If that isn’t crazy enough we have two rambunctious Chesapeake Bay Retrievers that are a big part of our family. 

I grew up in a rural town in Appalachia Maine called Dover-Foxcroft and will probably consider it home for the rest of my life. We just moved Thomaston and have settled into a great life in mid-coast , Maine. I cannot express how much love Maine.

I went to college at Maine Maritime Academy and graduated with a B.S. in Marine Engineering, The I joined the merchant marine so I could travel.

I have traveled around the world and I enjoyed every second that I spent in 44 very different countries. Through my travels I really came to appreciate not just our differences in cultures, but the common threads we all share.

I love photographing weddings because I like the unexpected. I like solving problems on the fly. I might be a guy, but I know how to use a needle and thread when a button pops or a dress rips.

So what sets me apart from all those other photographers? I work a bit outside the box. I really look for the quiet or unexpected moments that make every wedding unique.

I am a visual storyteller. Put us together and you will have a series of photographs which frame your day, tell your story, and show your emotions.

I photograph weddings from Bar Harbor to New York City and once in while in Pennsylvania.

I strive to document all of our family milestones and I hope that I start you on your own journey of documenting your family with the photographs I take on your wedding day!