I believe there is a distinguishable difference between having a wedding and getting married. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life in my humble opinion, and getting married is the most meaningful part of the day.

When Heather and I got married we loved celebrating with all the people in our lives, but there was no way I could prepare myself for how important the experience was going to be to me. I knew that joining our families would be the most profound change in my life and that brought a nervous excitement.

Getting married changed me to my core. Through all the great times, happiness, struggle, pain, and contentment I have enjoyed the journey of our big crazy family. We’ve added five children to our family and Marriage is hard work, but there is no one I would rather raise our children and work on our marriage with than my beautiful wife.

I'm a man who loves family. I feel your life is more important and that the focus is you, your loved ones and your connections. Focusing on life creates latitude for being present and capturing moments that you would never expect. Moments that are the most real when everyone you love is completely present, which really is the most important thing.

It is my profession and honor to document how the love, family, and unique experience of your wedding day changes you.